Meet the team

Who are the people behind MARS? Find out what it’s like to be a freshwater researcher and watch or read reflective interviews with members of the MARS team and also scientists from partner projects, speaking about what MARS is and what they do, why their work is important, fun stories from the field, and their inspiration and key moments that got them into a career as a freshwater researcher.

Interview with Daniel Hering, University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE)

Interview with Angus Webb, University of Melbourne

Interview with Damia Barcelo, coordinator of GLOBAQUA

Interview with Rolf Altenburger, deputy of the SOLUTIONS project

Sebastian Birk

Interview with Sebastin Birk, University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE)

Anne Lyche Solheim

Interview with Anne Lyche Solheim, Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)

Laurence Carvalho

Interview with Laurence Carvalho, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in Edinburgh (CEH)

Rafaela Schinegger

Interview with Rafaela Schinegger, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)

Yiannis Panagopoulos

Interview with Yiannis Panagopoulos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece